Massive DDOS Attack on Mirror Sites

DDOS attacks are getting so common now a days. Lot of people are not prepared for these type of attacks. is a Chinese non-profit organization, they received an attack on Thursday after publishing of an article on the WSJ.

According to the reports published by Naked Security on Friday, these attacks are marked as first ever denial of service attacks on Site received 2500 times more visitor from its normal traffic on Tuesday. This was not a direct attack on non-profit organization site, it affects mirror sites of main site.

On Friday, GreatFire tweeted that all mirrors are back again in China. Charlie Smith, Admin of GreatFire wrote in his post that these kind of attacks are just an aggressive exhibition of censorship by the brute force. Attackers always use such cheap tactics when they are left with no other option. 2.6 billion Requests were received per hour last week during this attack.

Bandwidth cost of the company has increased to $30,000 per day. Amazon is providing hosting services and it is not confirmed by the company whether they will charge for it or not.

China is famous for censorship by blocking access to major sites like Google, WSJ and many others. People in China are mainly relying on VPN for getting access to these sites.

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