Amazon is discontinuing Ecommerce Hosting Service

Amazon is discontinuing Ecommerce Hosting Service

Amazong is one of the major online store. They are also offering webstore hosting services. We are getting reports that Amazon is shutting down its Ecommerce hosting services. It is one of the hottest topic in the amazon seller forums and several other sources also reported the same during this week. According to one of the user, he received call on Tuesday from Amazon about the shutting down of the service by the end of June 2016. are also reported the same on Wednesday, company said that Amazon will stop its Ecommerce hosting service at IRCE Focus: Digital Design conference. Several sources tried to contact Amazon and get comments on this topic but still no response has been received from their side.

Amazon was allowing users to build their own online store which is hosted on AWS infrastructure. Services include hosting, fraud protection, site design tools and fraud protected secure payments at a cost of $79 per month.

Ecommerce market is rising with every passing day. People are now getting more used to online shopping. 15 % increase has been seen in year 2014 as compared to 2013. Shopify and Bigcommerce are also big giants in the market offering same services.

It’s time for other market share holders to capture some customers before the end of Ecommerce hosting by Amazon. If easy migration procedure is provided by the other market competitors, it will help them get some extra customers. Stake holders are keen about getting final reports to plan out how to get scattered customers of Amazon.

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